Advantages of Metallic Substrates

The Metal AdvantagePerformance Industries specializes in the manufacture of metal catalytic converters and metallic substrates. Metallic cores offer a significant advantage, being more economical and less restrictive than old ceramic cores, while maintaining high durability.

Metallic substrates are the ideal choice for your Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC’s).Click here to see why.

Talk to our experts today about how we can meet your needs for creative and efficient emission control.

  • They are more cost effective in larger diameters
  • They have a quicker “light off”
  • They experience 15%-30% less pressure drop than a ceramic of the same size and cell density
  • They provide more cost effective canning methods
    • Reduction of overall size of packaging
    • No matting required
    • Can be produced with mantel to weld directly
      in exhaust system
  • They have higher thermal shock resistance


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