Metal Fabrication

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Expert metal fabrication means higher performance solutions

Metal fabrication is our core competency

We understand speed to market is critical, our vertical integration will eliminate multiple vendors and reduce production lead times.

We can produce flanges, cones and complete canned units for your specific application.
Contact us today to inquire regarding your specific fabrication needs



  • Canning services for metallic, ceramic and DPF’s
  • Complete bolt on solutions

CNC Machining

  • Precision large diameter flanges
  • Handles and weldments
  • V-Band Flanges
  • Tapped O2 sensors locations

Laser Cutting

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Laser etched part numbers and company logos
  • Custom flanges

Metal Forming

  • Rolled C-channels
  • Rolled angles
  • Custom components
  • End cones