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If it’s not Brazed, it doesn’t belong on a vehicle


Mobile applications demand brazed substrates to withstand:

  • High Vibration
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Thermal Gradients
  • Axial & Radial G-Forces
Vehicles continually increase in complexity at the expense of free space that remains for emission control devises. Metal substrates can be located in existing space inside mufflers and manifold eliminating the need for duplicate components and packaging


Automotive aftermarket high horsepower applications require a brazed metallic substrate to minimize back pressure. Less pressure translates into increased horsepower. If it’s not brazed it doesn’t belong on a vehicle Herringbone and structured foils will impede flow and will not maximize horse power gains. These foil types also don’t contain the adequate structural strength to endure the mobile environment
Aftermarket Metal Substrate