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The ideal solution for your Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) needs.
Performance Industries is premier diesel particulate filters supplier, our diesel particulate filters (soot filters) use a metallic filter element to capture particulate matter from mobile and stationary diesel engines. Each filter is coated with a proprietary catalyst that enables the filter to self-regenerate while removing particulate matter (soot & smoke). Our filters products are available in levels I,II & III (25%,50% & 85% reduction). These cost effective filters can be made in the same variety of shapes and sizes as our metallic substrates.

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Catalyst Coating diesel particulate filter suppliers

Custom Emission Solutions

Since 1999, Performance Industries has integrated complete product design, testing and manufacturing. Today, Performance Industries manufactures metallic catalytic converters and metal substrates for diesel and gas fueled engines, with shorter lead times, greater quality control and superior service – all at greatly reduced cost. Our integrated approach and superior product quality allows us to provide highly customized solutions to manufacturers around the world.

At Performance Industries, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer needs and requirements. Our staff is continually trained to stay current with cutting-edge developments in the field, for ongoing product improvement.

By controlling the design and manufacturing process, Performance Industries is able to ensure strict quality control, by adhering to our ISO Certified certification.

Share your goals and business challenges with us. We will ask questions, listen, and respond to create solutions that fit like they were made for you — because they are. Talk to us now.


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