Manufacturing The Most Diverse Metallic Substrate Product Offering in the World

Immediate, cost effective solutions to tighter emission standards. PI is a high performance catalytic converter manufacturer specialising in the development and manufacturing of fabricated metal products and catalyst solutions for all applications.

We know your application has unique requirements. Whether your goal is reduction in precious metal cost, lower pressure drop or higher conversion efficiencies we have a product customisable for you. We are the world’s only catalytic converter manufacturer that can combine infinite substrate shapes with a wide variety of foil geometries in a single, customised, brazed solution certified to ISO Certified OEM quality standards.

System Performance

A product specifically designed for superior output for each application.

Product Flexibility

Custom cell configurations shapes to fit any application Single brazed units to 48″ (1200mm) OD

Manufacturing Speed

Prototypes in 1 week
Production in a little as 2 weeks
Quotations within 24 hours

Industry Expertise

In house emission test lab ISO Certified certified